birthday month

written by alison

It’s no secret that I love my birthday. Whether that it marked school being out for the summer, the fact I will always be a few days older than the Olsen twins, or embracing my inner gemini – I have many reasons to love June 10th.

Ever since I was of legal working age, I took the day off to celebrate. {Except “that one year”, in which I had one of the worst birthdays of my life. All the more reason that I need to never work on my birthday again.} This year will be no exception.

But as of late, one day hasn’t been enough for this party animal.

It started out as “birthday week”. I’m not sure of the exact origins, however I’m smart enough to guess that was during a year that my birthday fell on a weekday. Of course those 5, then 7 days weren’t enough and it has now morphed into “birthday month”.

The point of this post is not my love of my birthday or my┬áinsatiable need to celebrate it for more than 24 hours. My original intent was to publicly announce my plans for this month. So let’s get down to business.

Birthday month 2013 – do one thing that makes you happy every day.

Seems simple enough, right? I have these unwritten rules that wouldn’t make sense to the average party-goer, but just know that things like pet the dog, eat comfort food, laugh, etc are not considered acceptable for this month’s goal.┬áI’m looking for more than 1 minute of effort because I honestly deserve more than that. And I think it’s about time that my actions reflect how I feel.

It’s still the beginning of the month, but I’m on the right track already.

June 1st – Spend an afternoon with people I love. {Originally intended to just be time with the boyfriend but turned into a wonderfully unexpected dinner with my bf, sister and brother-in-law.}
June 2nd – Take a long walk to enjoy the sun. Jeff and I walked over 2 miles together with a pit stop at the local Italian festival to taste some food.

With 2 days of happy tasks done, I’m looking forward to what the rest of the month will bring. Some highlights may or may not include rock climbing, mini-golf couple’s competition, a workout involving deadlifts, cooking vegan lasagna, and going to Paris. {If your money is on the last one not happening, you should buy a lottery ticket too.}

PS – If you were wondering, 415 words. Thanks team accountability!