bucket list

Just like it sounds, this is a list of things that I would like to do before I die. I try to document as many of the items as I can with photos, but since “visually documenting my bucket list” isn’t an item on my bucket list, I’m not doing a very good job at it.

1. Ride on someone’s bicycle handlebars
2. Make brownies… from scratch
3. See Paris (from a Parisian’s point of view)
4. Accept that nerves and fear are not the same thing
5. Run a 5K race
6. Learn sign language
7. Buy a bunch of flowers and give them out, one by one, to strangers
8. Make a homemade vegan ice cream replacement
9. Sell a photo or artwork (not design work)
10. Run a 10K race
11. Learn to drive a stick shift
12. Have normal length toenails
13. Pee in the woods
14. Cook an entirely vegetarian Thanksgiving for a group
15. Go skinny dipping
16. Spend a day with the laptop and iPhone off (vacation doesn’t count)
17. Apply for a job I don’t think I’d get
18. Get a tattoo on my finger
19. Finish a beer… in an hour or less
20. Run through a field of flowers, preferably sunflowers
21. Have all of my poems printed in Blurb books
22. Eat tapas. In Spain.
23. Be my own boss – full-time
24. Donate my hair to Locks for Love, again
25. Enter a tattoo contest
26. Run a marathon
27. Spend an evening at a bar with no one I know and mingle
28. Drive a Porsche (maybe even one I buy!)
29. Shoot a gun (preferably while wearing overalls)
30. Make money cooking food
31. Wear a big, bright, poufy dress to a beach/mud pit/snowy field
32. Have someone photograph me destroying a big, bright, poufy dress
33. Travel some place only because it looks amazing in a movie
34. Do the splits
35. Complete a week-long detox… without cheating
36. Decorate a cake with more than just frosting
37. Watch all of the Jay & Silent Bob movies in a row
38. Get my yoga certification
39. Have two dogs
40. Get drunk
41. Bake treats for a new neighbor
42. See a whale in the wild
43. Learn how to check the tire pressure on my car
44. Go on a vacation with only a budget… no plan or reservations
45. Perform my poetry as an author
46. Successfully skip a rock (3 or more ‘bounces’)
47. Volunteer in a third world country
48. Go to a movie or play… alone
49. Venture inside a strip club
50. Drive a big pick-up truck
51. Throw my own birthday party
52. Design and sew the “perfect summer dress”
53. Make sushi, successfully
54. Be a “guest blogger/writer/editor” for a blog, site or publication
55. Eat cotton candy, cotton candy ice cream and chew cotton candy bubble gum in the same day
56. Stargaze with someone else
57. Hike to the top of a mountain
58. Be taken on a real date
59. Remodel a house
60. Live and eat as a vegan for seven days in a row
61. Have my own art showing
62. Go to a professional baseball game
63. See a designer fashion show, anywhere in the world
64. Be a mother
65. Gather eggs from free range chickens not being raised for slaughter
66. Use a fake name when out or traveling
67. Marry the love of my life
68. Travel to Tokyo
69. Deadlift over 200 pounds
70. Fly over the International Date Line
71. See Venice before it sinks
72. Finish my half sleeve
73. Purchase a pair of designer shoes
74. Have the kitchen of my dreams
75. Overcome my demons
76. Drive a go kart, alone
77. Build a fort and then sleep in it
78. Purchase shower crayons and use them
79. Gamble in Las Vegas
80. Travel with a friend (not a family member or significant other)
81. Plant a tree
82. Write a list of things that I like about myself. Add one item on every birthday
83. Make a list of 100 happy memories. Find a way to carry it with me
84. Send a postcard to a stranger
85. Make a book of pictures I have taken
86. Spend a year taking a photo every single day
87. Meet and shake hands with someone famous
88. See the Taj Mahal in person
89. Go out on New Year’s Eve
90. Spend longer than a week in a foreign country
91. Read an entire book in one ‘sitting’ in a hammock
92. Screen-print something
93. Teach E how to do something fun and creative
94. Knit an entire scarf
95. Run barefoot along a beach
96. Go out dancing… all night
97. Feel confident in my own skin
98. Go canoeing as an adult
99. Design and sew a full-sized quilt
100. Enjoy life!