day eight

written by alison

I made it through the first week of my 10 goals in 100 days adventure and I have to admit, it’s pretty uneventful.

starting small = harder to fall

By picking a pretty simple and straight-forward task for each of my goals, I am setting myself up for success. If I had picked “run 5 miles every day” as one of my goals, I wouldn’t be writing a blog post at all. Or it would be entirely about failure along with my sheer determination to “try harder next time.” Good one, right?

So, against my opinion that I am superhuman and capable of anything, I set small goals that will add up to a big impact on my life. I purposefully put select goals at the end of the 100 days so that I can strengthen my goal changing muscles first.

there’s never a right time

Armed with a Google calendar dedicated solely to my goals, I was ready to start my adventure last Monday with the goal to brush my teeth before starting my day. (Cue 5:30am alarm.) Oh yeah, I’m trying to regularly workout in the mornings now, which means ridiculous wake-up times. In my zombie-like state, I thought to myself “This can wait until after my workout. It will still be before 7:30 that I’ll get my teeth brushed. That’s good enough.” I’m honestly not sure what clicked after that, but before I knew it, the Sonicare was going to town on my teeth.

And by starting day number one off on the right food, I’ve been keeping up with my first goal. Well, except for Sunday. I practically rolled down the stairs upon waking only to find that no elves had made breakfast while I was asleep. Shortly after starting on my pancakes, I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet and bolted upstairs to get back on track with my goals.

next step

So with day eight under my belt, the next goal in the wings is reading 5+ pages each night before bed. On those rowdy weekend nights, that goal might be a bit harder to keep. But I didn’t say it would be impossible.