day twenty two

written by alison

habit #2

Well, I breezed through habit number 2… it might have been by design, though. The second habit on my 10 habits in 100 day adventure was to read at least 5 pages of a book before bed. It’s something that I have done somewhat regularly since learning that I can read informational books, not just stories. {I’m a nerd, deal with it.} I might be one of the slowest readers, but I thought it was a good way for me to keep progressing on learning new things. Armed with a very interesting self-help type book – Money, A Love Story – I have gone 11 days without an issue of wanting to pick up a book before turning off the lights.

The only place where that habit gets a little fuzzy is when I decide to read on my iPad instead. My original intention was to force myself into analog mediums before bed, instead of staring at a glowing screen. That being said, I have a stockpile of ebooks + books alike on my iPad that need some attention. For now, I’ll take 5 pages of any kind, but once this becomes a pretty consistent habit, my next step will be removing technology from the 30 minutes prior to sleeping. Then I can grow that time until it reaches an hour!

habit #3

With early morning teeth brushing + late night book reading covered, the next habit on my list was to eliminate 1 item from the house every day. This is one habit that is scheduled to change to weekly at the end of my 100 day adventure – I don’t want to start donating things that I need in order to keep the habit going.

I decided that this habit needed to start with a bang. So, the first item that I removed from the condo was my wedding dress. I packed it into the car and donated it to a store where someone will probably buy it for a terrible Halloween costume, get vomit on it and then throw it away. But it’s not my dress to worry about anymore. And it is the last physical piece of my divorce that I had left. Talk about moving on and moving forward!

Today’s cleaning wasn’t nearly as intense, but for kicks I’ll share it anyways. I focused on items in the closet and decided on removing a lonely shoebox that was serving no purpose and a light-up clown nose. {Don’t ask, I won’t tell.} I guess that was the point of this habit choice, find those random things that aren’t serving me anymore and remove them. I’d consider it a success even though it’s only the second day.

Let’s see what clutter I can clear up tomorrow.