first post

written by alison

This isn’t my first post as a blogger, but it’s the first post on this new version of I have a few goals in mind and needed a fresh start to make them happen.

By clearing the blogging slate and starting with a fresh install of WordPress, a lovely {and free} theme from Paul Jarvis, and zero content {except for my bucket list, which is always a work in progress}, I can use this space to create what I have been wanting to.

So what exactly is it that I want to create?

Like clockwork, I frequently come back to the idea that I would like to write more often. So it seemed like a good idea to start regularly blogging as a way to reach that goal. I also wanted a place to share some of my experience as a crossfitting vegan entrepreneur building her home for the first time. I have other labels than those, but they are my current focus.

Aside from that, there are no other reasons or agendas for this blog. It’s time to strip away all of the fuss and clutter so I can get to basics. Easy on the eyes basics, naturally.

I hope to write daily – although I’m not setting that as my measurable goal. As often as I do write, it will be shared between this blog, my business blog and my top secret eBook project. My other hope is that I get comfortable writing 500 words each time I sit down to write. Writing more words would be excellent, of course, but not necessary.

For now, I will settle for just shy of 300 words. Baby steps, ladies and gents. Thanks for joining me on this adventure.