liquid lunch

written by alison

glut·tony noun : excess in eating or drinking

This weekend gave me firsthand experience defining gluttony, even though I already knew what it meant. By Sunday, I truly knew what it felt like too.

Before you think I’m complaining, let me be clear – I had some of the best food in my life this weekend. Not counting my journey through Europe, it has been a very, very, very long time since I remember feeling this way about a meal in front of me. I can promise that’s not the wine talking.

Starting with a giant veggie burger made with wild mushrooms, quinoa + lentils and a side of truffle fries should have been clue number one that this weekend wouldn’t have me weighing less than before.

The very next meal was a 5 course Vietnamese experience that featured a dish created by the chef for me. The 2nd course was my favorite of the entire weekend though – tomato soup that was assembled at the table. The waiter brought out a bowl that had finely diced bell peppers + basil oil on the bottom. Once set in front of me, he poured the tomato puree into the bowl, creating a wonderfully smokey and rich tomato soup.

Day one (yup, still the same day) wrapped up with a sampling of gourmet donuts ranging from original to blueberry lemon to Oreo to apple fritter.

Day two featured a breakfast spread that I wouldn’t be able to dream up in my most fat-kid of dreams – red velvet pancakes, a tower of chocolate + banana french toast, one tall bloody mary with housemade pepper vodka and dill roasted red potatoes. Once my food baby settled down, we got some super tasty sushi for dinner – including a fried tofu roll that was by far my favorite of the spread.

Day three was spent at a bridal shower with standard homemade options, but the fancy cupcakes that were offered featured moist cake + light-as-a-feather frosting. Was there some diary ingested this weekend? Without a doubt. Vegan ≠ perfect.

That list of food (paired with some things I don’t usually eat) is exactly why I’m feeling miserable, bloated + ready to give up solid food. For 3 days at least.

I’m going to try my first ever smoothie cleanse starting tomorrow morning. The plan I will follow has 4 smoothies each day that are very different. The breakfast recipe features a banana and cacao, so that will seem familiar to me. The dinner smoothie is a garden vegetable soup, of sorts, so I’ll be using my Vitamix to heat that sucker up. The other smoothies – sweet carrot + tangy green – have me a little unsure, but hopeful.

Worst case scenario? I give up immediately and nosh on all of the apples I bought while mowing down carbs, sweets and bottled juice. Best case scenario? I chase all of that amazing restaurant food out of my system with tasty vegetables + fruits, find some energy that I haven’t felt in a while, drink my weight in water and have glowing skin. Either way, I’ll be content.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on my experience. What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share crazy adventures?!

Until tomorrow, someone’s got to finish this Oreo cupcake. I wouldn’t want it to go to waste…