not so fast

written by alison

I haven’t been running.

Consider this my confession. It’s t-minus 2.5 days until my next half marathon and I simply have not been running.

A little bit of math.

Including my 10 mile race, I’ve put in a total of 58.61 miles in the last 3 months. That’s not even remotely close to what I normally rack up during the training months. For my best 13.1 race, I roughly ran an average of 10 miles a week for 3 months. I’d be surprised if most trainings had me with a total 3x higher than my current mileage count.

Slowly, but surely.

It’s partly because I am learning to let go of my desire to be amazing at everything I attempt. I never was going to beat any land speed records, but when I trained 4+ days a week, my half marathon pace was faster than my current 5K pace by a long shot. I know I can get back up to that pace {not by Saturday morning}, but it’s not my focus at the moment. Or for the year.

I can’t run away.

Along with new clients, projects + products, my business isn’t the only thing taking my attention away from running. I originally thought I would use running as my way to escape the house building stresses that were bound to come up. Yet, it didn’t work for me. Feeling obligated to run only added to the pressure that I needed to release.

The other reason behind my low mileage is the time I’ve invested lately in finding what would help me release the pressure I so quickly place on myself. I haven’t found it yet, but I did realize that letting go of perfectionism and obligations was a good start.

So in the end, I did what I could by running those 58.61 miles. After Saturday morning, it will be 71.71 miles. Let’s just pretend I did that on purpose.