only human

written by alison

Sometimes I forget that I’m only human. Do you have moments like that? Days when you write a to do list a mile long as though no interruptions will break your attention. Days when you stay strong for everyone around you except the person you see every single day in the mirror. Days when you cannot even imagine saying “no” and only agree to whatever comes your way.

I’m not sure where it stems from and I’m not sure there is one exact source. It seems like the perfectionist mindset is a great place to start. I cannot remember the book, but one of my latest reads featured the mantra “I am perfectly human” as a way to embrace being a perfectionist while also letting go of the pressure that accompanies it. I dug the idea, but putting it into practice is another thing. Yup, another thing on my to do list.

So here I am, analyzing my current situation. Thinking about what I want to change, what I want to keep, and what is missing. Ready to tackle all in one fell swoop. Because I’m better than all of those articles, books and programs that tell you to make changes one at a time. Because I’m a superhuman. Because the rules don’t apply to me.

Until the rules apply to me all at once. Because I am only human. Perfectly so.


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