text message to the universe

written by alison

Howdy Universe!

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough lately, I completely appreciate all that you have given to me so far in my 27 years on this planet. Building a house + growing a business in less than 12 months? You sure do know how to make a girl feel special!

I could use some assistance with the next step in my entrepreneurial journey. Be it a gentle shove so I learn how to put one foot in front of the other again, or a bolt of lightning at my ankles to send me hopping + skipping into overdrive. That’s your call, since you know better than anyone what I am capable of.

Forgive me for being slightly vague in my request. Clearly clarity is an issue for me right now + I bet you have just the ticket for that. Not sure if that ticket is shaped like life coach with a business + finance background as well or a weekend without being connected to the Internet.

Whatever the ticket looks like, I’m over the molasses pace that has become the new normal for me. I’ve been dreaming big for awhile, as you know, which means it’s time to make dreams come true. What can I say? You inspire me.

To show you just how serious I am about this, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. Tonight, I’m going to bed at least 2 hours earlier than normal. {Yes, that means I won’t be going to bed the same day that I plan on getting up.} Tomorrow, I will spend at least 30 minutes drafting up questions for my client survey. And before the weekend is done, I will have done at least one thing to reset my creativity button. Odds are it will be a trip to the movie theater, sans iPhone during the pre-preview waiting, and with an adult beverage in my hand {kudos on creating movie theaters that serve alcohol, by the way!}


– alison