the third little piggy

written by alison

empty lot

This house building process started back in February, which feels like it was yesterday and an eternity ago at the same time. After walking through a spec home {built by a builder with no client in mind, then sold once finished}, Jeff and I started talking about how cool it would be to build a house instead of buying one. The spec home we toured was close to what we wanted, but there was a list of things that we would change in an “ideal world”. Changing a brand new home seemed ridiculous to us, so we took the clearly less ridiculous route of trying to build. {Please read that last line with a slightly sarcastic tone, thanks!}

As Jeff’s first home and my first time buying as a self-employed individual, the process was about as challenging as we thought. Did I mention we aren’t married? Apparently it’s a big deal to everyone but us and my family. That being said, we were still approved for a construction loan and found a builder that would allow me to be crazy about every detail.

I know that I have a tendency to be dramatic, but picking out finishes is something that I take very seriously. Just to paint a picture for you, I know the hexadecimal value for our wall color. Along with that bit of crazy, I wouldn’t sign off on the sink selection until seeing the model they suggested installed in a house with the same counter finishes as ours. They still signed a contract with me after that. {Now who’s the crazy one?}

In July we closed on the lot, which was fairly anti-climatic. When you close on a house they give you keys. When you close on a lot, they give you a handshake. But leave it up to one of my favorite people in the world to sum up our dirt owning beautifully – “out of that dirt will grow an amazing future!”

And our amazing future did grow, quickly. The builder started construction the following week. Reality didn’t set in until I saw the large piles of dirt next to the large hole in the ground. Then I got simultaneously giddy/scared shitless/emotional. That trifecta of awesome has continued with me ever since.

Bills are bills, but for some reason knowing that you are responsible for your own income that will cover a mortgage payment makes them that much more stressful. Along with the fact that we are currently paying rent and for the construction loan while building. I haven’t resorted to ramen noodles yet, but I’m not ruling it out.

So far, my dad has graciously put up with frantic phone calls – that aren’t over – while drafting the blueprints for my business headquarters/the turf that will be known as Brutus’s/home sweet home. My sister still responds to my mildly spastic text messages about lighting and footprint size. And Jeff has talked me off of a ledge more times than I’d care to admit. He’s also prevented me from sending curse word filled emails to those involved in this process.

Did I mention we only have a basement at this point? A basement with no floor.

But it’s our basement, sans floor.


hole in the ground