this is why I crossfit

written by alison

Ever since I started CrossFitting, I’ve been asked “what is that?” I’ll be perfectly honest, the definition is hard for me to put into words. I’ve tried listing the types of movements and workouts we do, sharing YouTube videos for my visual learners and even bringing those that are brave/crazy enough to a free workout. The last one is ideal, but isn’t always an option. Especially when trying to explain to my parents the week of my first competition.

To be honest, I’m not going to define CrossFit in this post. Not in the traditional sense. Because last night it hit me – CrossFit isn’t a workout style [to me], it’s much more. Like being vegan isn’t a diet but a lifestyle. So without further ado, I give you the reasons why I CrossFit {in no particular order}.

A 20 minute workout leaves me just as sweaty, if not sweatier, as a 90 minute run.

There is a minimum of 2 high {or low} fives after every single workout.

When I go to the gym, everyone either knows my name or will introduce themselves before we start the warmup.

Speaking of warmups, they are usually tougher than what I previously considered a workout.

We celebrate every victory – new skills, heavier weights, faster time – for every one.

Since joining the gym, I have worked out in a coconut bra, jean shorts, a hulk costume, and thigh-high tube socks. And not all in the same day.

The sound of your entire class cheering for you as you set a new personal record is addicting.

Atomic sit-ups, animal crawls, wall walk-ups, jack-knives and mountain climbers are warmup activities.

I hear my coach’s voice even when they aren’t talking.

Walking or stopping have never been options during a workout to me.

We workout together and no one works out alone.

Giving up on skinny jeans is a huge relief.

The first thing you do after finishing a workout is cheer for anyone still working through it.

Being able to do things that you never thought possible is an incredible feeling.

Stress/anger/sadness does not exist when you are focused on lifting more than your body weight off of the ground.

I’ve never been to another gym where once a month everyone goes out drinking after working out.

Strength is beautiful.

I prove myself wrong almost every time I workout. One of these days I’ll stop doubting my abilities to lift heavier, faster or better.

Buying booty shorts is fun.

Your form is the only thing that will ever be judged in our gym. Not your weight, time, clothes, body type, diet, ability.

My coaches see potential in every member and are determined to bring it out of us.

I don’t do “girl push-ups” anymore. Even when I’m asked to do 70 of them.

Shouting things like “I get to do Fran!”, “nice snatch!” and “good lookin’ bjs” is normal, not perverted and encouraged.

I look forward to yelling out “time!” when I finish a workout.

So… care to join me?