what’s ideal?

written by alison

Whether I’m researching business or personal advice, thinking about your “ideal day” seems to come up pretty often. The concept is that you write out what your ideal day looks like so that you can see what can be done to your current day to get closer to what you really want out of life.

I’m a big fan of this exercise except for one little problem – my ideal day looks different every single day of the week.

Sometimes I daydream about living in Paris and turning carb-loading into a résumé-able skill. Other times my vision involves owning an aerial yoga studio. Then later in the afternoon I might think to myself “wouldn’t it be fucking awesome if I owned a quirky restaurant in a big city, like Chicago?” Waking up the next morning might have me wishing I was in an office space running my business and staff. By the weekend, I might be ready to give it all up for island living and being a virtual assistant.

How do you work towards an ideal day when your ideal day requires a lifetime to complete? If I can figure out the answer to that question, I might just have to tell the world about it. I can’t be the only one that has a million and seventeen “ideal day” ideas.

[240 – I knew it wouldn’t come close tonight. And that’s ok, because I have a critical question to answer.]