Monday #013

I’ve made $8.35 being on my iPhone.

I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too. Watch out, baller. Don’t forget where you came from. It’s smarter to purchase a Lamborghini than lease it.

Ok, maybe not that last one. But you’re chomping at the bit to learn how I made enough money to buy groceries for one meal.

Before I spill the details, I need to give you even more to be excited about. I’ve made $8.35, while being on my iPhone, in almost 4 months!

That’s $2.09 a month! What an amazing way to get out of debt!

Hopefully you can smell the sarcasm from where you are. Cause I’m being mostly obnoxious here.

I won’t scoff at ways to make money, even small amounts of money. Because any extra cash that I didn’t have before can be used towards snowballing my debt.

But I’m also not going to make a large dent in my debt making just over $2 a month. So this isn’t my primary game plan.

Tiny totals aside, making this money has been easier than any other attempt at making extra cash.

I started by downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app on my iPhone. I set up notifications, connected it to my PayPal account and waited.

It didn’t take long for my first alert to let me know there was a survey available. I opened the app to find a pending survey with 3 multiple choice questions. I checked the corresponding checkboxes and the submit screen showed me that I had made 40 cents!

Every time my total earnings passes $2, they deposit the money into my PayPal account. That’s it. It’s really easy.

And if you’re an iPhone addict like I am, you’re likely on your phone anyway, so what’s taking 50 seconds to answer a few questions?

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